How do I upload photos from Google Photos?

While we can't upload directly from Google Photos, you can still easily use your photos stored there on 

First, you'll need to download the images from your Google Photos account to your computer. To do so, sign into Google Photos and locate your photos. 

Select the photo you'd like to use from your photos.

Then click the three dots in the upper righthand corner of the screen. 

Next, click  from the drop menu:

The photo will then download to your computer. It will download to your downloads folder. You can then upload that photo from your computer to your project. 

You can also download a folder of photos from Google Photos to your desktop if you want to use more than one. Go to the Albums section of Google Photos and open the album you want to download. 

Click the three dots.

Then click .

A zip file will be downloaded to your computer of your album. Find the zip file in your downloads folder, which will have the same name as your album, and double click it to unzip the file. 

You can then upload the photos from your computer to your project. 

For more information on uploading from your computer, please see our upload guide here