How do I crop my photo? offers two cropping features. 

Builder Crop's in-house crop tool can be found by clicking the photo that needs to be cropped and then clicking the button that looks like an overlapping box that appears above the selected photo.

This will open the crop feature. Use the white bars on the edges of the photo to drag in and out for cropping and then click the apply button when it is cropped as desired.

You can easily undo cropping here by reselecting the cropped photo and then adjusting the bars back to their original position. 

You can also make block texts into single lines of text with the crop tool. Once you add the block text to the project, “Sweet Pea” for the example above (which is automatically formatted into 2 lines), you can then select the crop tool in the same way and crop the height to create a single line of text.                                                                                                                       

Photo Editor Crop

There is also a crop tool in the photo editor that can be accessed by selecting the photo you want to edit and then clicking the pencil icon that'll appear above the selected photo.

Once in the photo editor, click the  button to access the crop feature. You can then drag the circles on the corners in and out to crop. 

Once the photo is cropped as desired, click  then  to added the cropped photo to your project.

NOTE: Cropping in the photo editor is a permanent change. To uncrop it, you'd have to delete the cropped version and add the original, uncropped photo, back to the project.