How do I email my photos to my account?

Each user is assigned a unique email address to upload their photos to via email.

Your email can be found under the "Add Photos" section once you're logged into a account and in an open project. 

First, click Image title. This'll open your uploader and show your account's email: 

Open a new email in your personal email account, put the account email as the recipient, and attach your images to send. 

Image title

You can send images as attachments, inline photos, or with the image URL. 

Successfully emailed images will appear under the "Photos" button in your account a few minutes after the email is sent. 

Can't find your images?

  • Check the file size

      • The max email size for most email providers is 25MB.
      • It's also recommended that the total attachment size for files does not exceed 20MB.

          • Anything larger than that may result in an undelivered email.
          • No single image should be larger than 10MB.
  • Check the file type

      • The accepted file types are .JPG, .PNG, and unanimated .GIF.
  • Check the email address

      • Double check to make sure the email you're sending the images to matches the one provided in your account.

If you're still having trouble, please contact our Customer Satisfaction Team via chat, phone (888-797-1902), or email (