How do I add photos from another device? makes gathering photos from different devices easier with our device-linking feature. 

Every account comes with it's own unique pin number you can enter into different devices in order to add your photos to one account. 

To access your linking pin, first create an account or log into your existing account by clicking  in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. 

Once logged in, click  to the left of your project and click. This will take you to our device-linking feature with instructions on how to use your pin. 

Enter your unique pin at from the device you'd like to take images from. 

Once you link the device, you'll be taken directly to the upload box to access your images from that device. After uploading, you'll see a pop up window that asks if you'd like to continue designing from the linked device or if you'd like to upload more photos. If you'd like to work from your original device, you don't have to take any further action. Simply close the window on your device and return to your computer. The new images will be in your account once you refresh your page. 

NOTE: Device linking is designed to give full access to your account from any device. This means purchased vouchers, saved credit card information, and previous orders will be accessible. Only share your pins with those you feel comfortable having that information.