How do I rearrange my photos?

All the tools for photo arrangement can be found in the layout section of the project toolbar.


Clicking  will allow you to put your photos into a template or shape.

Learn more about Templates and Shapes.

Free Form Mode

If the automated layout is restricting the design you have in mind, clicking  will turn it off. In this mode, you can manually size and arrange your photos.

Learn more about Free Form Mode.

Edge to Edge

Clickingwill stretch your photos to the edge of the project, removing the outer border (note: anything in the pink Cut Area will be cut off the final product).

When working on a gallery wrap canvas, the Edge to Edge option changes to  Image title . Clicking this button will give different border options for your canvas (note: anything outside the blue line will print on the sides of your canvas. 

Learn more about canvas layouts


Clicking  will toggle the project orientation between portrait and landscape.


Clicking  will shuffle all the photos to a random arrangement.

Click and Drag

You can also arrange your photos by clicking and dragging the photos on the project to where you'd like them to be. The other photos will shift to accommodate the movement (unless you're working in free form mode).

Preset Templates

You can also select a predesigned template before uploading for certain photos. To find the templates associated with each product, click the green product button to the left of the design, then click the blue "ChangeTemplate" button.

This will take you to the page of available templates for the product you're designing. 

Hover over the template you'd like, a "Choose" button will appear for your to select. Then click  to select that product with the chosen template. 

Note: Preset templates are not available for every product. Calendars and books do not currently offer preset templates.