How do I keep my pictures from being cut off a project?

When a photo is stretched edge to edge across a project, sometimes the parts we want to keep end up in the "Cut Area" or on the sides of a canvas.

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In order to adjust the photos so all the parts we want are included, unselect Edge to Edge and let the program organize the images with borders.

If you want more control over your design, click the  button in the "Layout" section of the project toolbar to turn the automatic sizing program off. Then you can manually size and place each photo to fit the project as you'd like.

NOTE: The entire cut area must be covered with photos to ensure no border is printed if that is your intention. Aligning the photos to the edge of the cut area will result in a border.

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To learn more about Free Form Mode, click here. For book and calendar projects, you must be clicked into the individual page you want to edit in order to see the free form mode option. 

Note: Projects print as they appear in the project builder. Any part of the photo in the red cut area will be cut from the project.