How to use the pop-out feature wants to make creating a focal point image easy with our new pop-out feature. 

The pop-out feature allows you to select 1 or 2 images you want to "pop-out" to make bigger or make more use out of the negative space around the other photos. To access the pop-out feature, select the image you want to pop-out of the design by clicking it, then click the pop-out button. 

This brings the selected photo atop the other photos. This popped-out photo can be moved freely over the other photos to be sized and placed as desired.

For the design above, we popped-out 2 photos to cover some of the negative space in the scenic shots while making the couple shots the main focus of the canvas. 

Change your mind?

If you've popped-out a photo and want to place it back in the design, simply click the image again and click the pop-out button to reverse the effect.