How to move/delete book pages

To move or delete pages, click  in the toolbar when viewing the book as a whole. If you're viewing a single page of the book, you'll have to click the  next to the page number to zoom out.

Once the  is selected: 

  • To move pages, simply click and hold while dragging the page.
  •  To delete a page, you can click the  icon on the page corner. 
    • Remember, photo books have a minimum of 20 pages, and pages can only be deleted in pairs (front and back). If you delete a page with other pages behind it, the other pages will move forward.
    • Books must end on an even number.

Click  again to go back to designing your book once finished organizing the pages. 

To delete an image from the page, either drag the images off the page and back to the Project Content section to the left or click the image, then click the Image title trash can icon.

For a complete book design tutorial, please click here.