How can I make a photo bigger or smaller?

Photos can be adjusted in many ways. 

Shuffle and Manual Arrangement

To the right of most projects is a shuffle button:

Clicking it shuffles all the photos. You can click it as many times as desired until you get an orientation you like. 

You can then customize further by clicking and dragging your photos around the project until you have a look you love. 

Swapping Positions

If you want to make a certain photo bigger, you can click and drag the photo you want bigger to the spot where the current large photo is. 

In the example below, we have a dog and a cat laying as the largest photo, but we want the smaller one next to it to be the larger photo, so we click and drag the photo next to it to the larger spot. The photos swap places. 

Note: this is not always a seamless transition. Photos of differing orientations/shapes will cause a greater shuffle if trying to swap. For example, swapping a landscape image with a portrait style will cause more shuffling. Same with swapping a square photos with a rectangle. 

Resizing Individual Photos

Click and drag the blue circles to make the photo bigger or smaller in the position it is in. The rest of the photos will shuffle to make room for the new size. 

Manually Designing

Want to manually size and place each image on the design? Please see our free form guide here for instructions.

Cover All and Fit Inside 

Under the   section to the left of your project, you'll find the Design Fit section which allows you to either leave a border around your design or stretch your image to cover the entire product. Learn more about those features here

Templates and Shapes

We also offer preset templates and shapes, which you can learn more about here.