How to add text to a book offers a top title, bottom title, and a moveable text option for book pages. 

To add text to a page, you first must zoom into the page by clicking the  by the page number you wish to add text to.

This will bring up the single page view with an extended toolbar above the page. Here you'll find the text option (you cannot add text to books with themes applied so the text button will not appear. Learn more about adding text to themed books at the end of the article. ). 

Once you select the desired text feature, you can customize the font and color as desired. 

To learn more about adding and editing text, please check here

You can switch between pages by clicking the Previous and Next buttons next to the page numbers. To return to the overview, click the magnifying glass icon to zoom out.

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Text on Themed Books

To add text to a themed book page that doesn't have a text space built in, you must first unlock the template on that page. 

To remove a page template, you first must zoom into the page by clicking  by the page number.

This'll bring the page into view and a  button will appear in the extended toolbar above the page. Click that and then click  to remove the template.

You'll then be able to add photos, text, and backgrounds as desired.

For a full tutorial on book themes, check here.