How can I add a template or shape?

You can find all of's template and shape options under the Template button in the project toolbar once you've added a photo to your project.

Preset Templates

You can also select a predesigned template before uploading for certain photos. To find the templates associated with each product, click the green product button to the left of the design, then click the blue "ChangeTemplate" button.

This will take you to the page of available templates for the product you're designing. 

Hover over the template you'd like, a "Choose" button will appear for your to select. Then click  to select that product with the chosen template. 

Note: Preset templates are not available for every product. Calendars do not currently offer preset templates. 

To select or change a shape

Click the  button. You can then browse through all the different template and shape options we offer. If you would like your template to consist of characters or numbers, you'll want to use our CollageWord™ shape.

  • Is the shape option you want not available? Click here to learn about our custom shape options.

To remove a shape 

Click the template button and then click