What does it mean when it says "Some photos may appear blurry..."?

Collage.com alerts you to potential problems with your photos in a few ways. Initially when uploading, you'll see a Low Image Quality warning or a Medium Image Quality warning above the Choose Photos button.

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As you add photos, the program will alert you to how many images should be added to meet the resolution recommendations for your product and size. 

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The project builder also alerts you to problem images on the project by placing a red or orange exclamation point in the upper lefthand corner of the photo causing the trouble.  

When your photos do meet the resolution requirements on the project, the status bar above Choose Photos will be green. 

About photo resolution

When you add photos to your project, Collage.com will, by default, automatically stretch or shrink your photos to make them fit in the available print space the way it deems best. Photo files have an attribute called resolution which describes the dimensions of the photo on the computer in terms of pixels.

How to know if the photo will be blurry

Many times, Collage.com products will increase the size of your original photos, and we want to make sure the quality is not negatively effected. If the photo has a warning icon or you see the warning in your upload box, there are some steps to check for blurriness.

  1. First judge whether the photo is clear to the eye. If it's not, the photo will print blurry.
  2. If it is, or if you're not sure, the next step is to zoom in on the photo to see if the quality stands up the more you zoom. If it starts to look significantly blurry, or if you see pixels (little squares), the photo will print blurry.
  3. To zoom, click the Image title button to the right of your project under the Next button (the zoom option isn't available on photo book or calendar projects). 

If you're EVER in doubt, please contact the customer satisfaction team via chat, phone (888-797-1902), or email (support@collage.com). 

How to fix it

Photo resolution is a trait that cannot be changed without changing the quality of the photo. Collage.com employs advanced techniques to make your photos bigger without decreasing the quality, but there is a limit to how much it can do. There are a couple options to fix the warning.

  1. Make the photo smaller on the project.
  2. Add more photos. This will make all the existing photos smaller.
  3. Replace the photo with a higher resolution version if you have one.
  4. Upload the photos individually rather than in batches. When photos are uploaded in large batches, the website will reduce the photo size to upload more quickly.
  5. If all else fails, it may be best to remove the photo from the project.