How do I change an item in my cart?

When you have a new project design you like and want to replace the old version already in your cart, click theImage title button from the project page ( Image title on mobile devices), and then Image title

A window will pop up asking you to replace the old version or add the new version to the cart as a separate product: 

Image title

If your item is already in the cart and you'd like to make changes, click edit below the product description next to your intended project. 

This will take you back to the project so you can make your changes and then click "Save" in the upper righthand corner once ready to add the new version to the cart. 

You can also make the changes to your project, then click Image title, and there'll be a warning asking you to compare project versions: 

Image title

Click Compare to view each version and pick the one you'd like to keep for order. 

You can also remove a project in your cart by clicking Remove under the product description in the cart:  

You can then add the new version to the cart.