How to Make a Collage (a short guide from start-to-finish)


So this is your first time with, and you're wondering where to start? 


We believe custom products should be easy for anyone to create–that’s why we’re here to help. 

Though an account isn't required to make a project, or to order something with us, we suggest making one. With an account, all your projects and photos will automatically save, giving you access to them from any computer or device. 

Without an account, you'll be relying on your browser's web cookies to find your projects when you return. If your cookies were to be deleted or refreshed, we wouldn't be able to pair your browser with your projects for retrieval.

You can make a new account anytime by clicking the button and filling out the form for a new account.

Starting a Project

The easiest way to start a project is from the home page. Simply click the  button. You can also click the tab to browse our products first.

Uploading Photos

We offer a variety of methods to help make uploading easy. You can upload your images directly from your computer or mobile device, from your social media accounts, or from the Internet.

To learn more about uploading, click here.

After the images are uploaded, they'll be added to your project automatically (on mobile devices, you'll have to select the images and then click "Design" to add).

  • By default, our software tools will organize the photos randomly (except photo books, which will add them in the order uploaded).

Selecting the Product

You can select a product before or after starting a project. To learn how to select a product, click here.

Making It Yours

We offer a variety of ways to customize your project:


If you'd like to order your finished collage, add the item to your cart by clicking Image title (Image title on mobile devices), and then .

  • You can enter any gift or deal vouchers on the cart page and follow the prompts to submit your order.

For a more in-depth tutorial on redeeming deal codes, click here.

For a more in-depth tutorial of the checkout process, click here.

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