Using on your mobile device

There are some key differences between's mobile and desktop site. Below is a breakdown of where you can find all of our design tools on your cellphone or tablet. 

To add photos, the  button is located at the bottom of the project. 

  • For more information about our upload options, click here.

Clicking   at the bottom will bring up our background options. 

Clicking  will bring up our photo arranging tools. You can set the photo(s) to cover the entire product or to leave a border. You can also unlock the layout here to manually design. 

To learn more about manual mode, please check here. 

Click   to add text to your project.

To learn more about our text options, please check here

To access our photo editing options, click the photo you wish to edit and select from our image tools. 

Clicking  will take you to a scrolling cart page where you can apply any discount codes and process your order.