How do I design a book on my mobile device?

We can't always be by our computer, so has made it easy to design your book on a tablet or phone as well. For the best experience, make sure you're working from a fully updated mobile device. 

Like on the desktop site, the first step to designing on is to log in to your account or create a new account if it's your first time with us. 

Tap the  button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and select Sign In. 

Once signed in, you can tap "New Project" to start a new book or "Edit" on an existing book project to continue it. If you're starting a new project, you'll have to select the desired book, cover option, and size before you begin.

Now you're ready to start designing! 

Uploading Photos

First, you'll need to upload images by tapping "Add Content." 

This will bring you to our photo uploading options. 

Once you see your photo gallery, you can scroll through your images and select the ones you'd like added to the project. Selected photos will have a  on them. It is best to only upload in small groups of 5 or less at a time. Then tap "Done" or "Open" to start the upload.

To learn more about all our uploading options, please check here

Once you've uploaded your images and selected them so they have the , tap "x" or "Done" to have them added to the book project.

For more information about themes, please click here. 

Any upload with the  will be added to the project content section. If an upload doesn't have that checkmark, it will not be added. Similarly, if you'd like to remove an image from the book, tap "Add Content" to go back to your uploads and tap the undesired photo so it no longer has that checkmark. The image will then be removed from the book design and project content section. 

Once the images are in the Project Content section, you're ready to design! 

Designing Your Book

You can place images in your book in 2 ways.

    1. Auto place will automatically place the photos onto your pages. The photos will be added in sequential order rather than randomly. New pages will automatically be generated depending on the number of photos.
      Auto place will also offer to generate a collage on the front cover of your photo book using all the project photos. If you'd rather not, you can decline and customize the cover yourself.
      • Note: if you auto add all the photos to your front cover and wish to remove them, click any photo and then click  from the toolbar that'll appear above the photo to clear the cover.
  2. Manual Design
    1. To manually place the photos in your book, you can click and hold a photo while dragging it from the side photo bank to the page you want it on. Photos can be moved between pages in the same way.

You can keep track of what page your photos are on by looking at your project content section to the left of the design.

Images on the book design will have a checkmark and note which page number they're on (C for cover). If they don't have a checkmark or page number, then they haven't been placed on the design yet. Unused photos remain at the top and used photos move to the bottom of the list. 

Designing a Page

Some tools such as Templates and Text can only be used on individual pages. To add a text or a template, you first must zoom into the page by tapping  by the page number.

The "Layout" menu will then appear at the bottom of your screen, bringing up our photo arranging tools.

  • For more information on those, click here.

You can also tap and drag the images around the page for different layouts. If you'd like to make an image bigger or smaller on the page, tap it, then pinch and pull the image to resize. 

The "Effects" menu next to "Layouts" will bring up the filter and borders options.

Adding Text and Backgrounds

Once tapped into an individual page, you'll also be able to add text and background to that page. 

To learn more about our text options and how to use each, please go here

To learn more about adding a background, please go here

You can also add a background to the book as a whole by clicking the background button while viewing the book as a whole if you want the same background on each page. 

Editing Photos

To access the photo editing tools, tap on the photo you wish to edit, then select the  icon to open the photo editor from the menu that appears above the selected image. 

To learn more about our photo editing options, please check here

Moving and Deleting Pages/Images

To move or delete pages, tap    in the toolbar when you're viewing the book as a whole. 

To move pages, simply tap and hold while dragging the page. To delete a page, you can tap the  icon on the page corner. Remember, photo books have a minimum of 20 pages, and pages can only be deleted in pairs (front and back). If you delete a page with other pages behind it, the other pages will move forward. The book must end on an even-numbered page. 

To delete an image from the page, either drag the images off the page and back to the Project Content section to the left or tap the image, then tap the Image title icon.

Checking Out

Once you're happy with your design, tap "Add to Cart"  to add the book to your cart. This will take you to a scrolling cart page where you can apply any discount codes and process your order.

Once you've submitted the order, you'll be given an order number and a confirmation email will be sent to you. There will be arrival estimates listed at the bottom of the shipping page and in that confirmation email so you'll know when to expect your book!