There are some key differences between Collage's mobile and desktop sites. Below is a breakdown of where you can find all of our design tools on your smartphone or tablet. 

 Tap the Photos button to add photos to your project.

  • For more information about uploading from a mobile device, click here.

 Tapping Designs will allow you to view and select a designed template or layout for your collage.

Tap the Background button to bring up our background options. The chosen background will be applied around your images on the product.

 Tapping Text will display different text options to add text to your project.

To learn more about our text options, please check here

 Tapping Photo Fit will bring up our photo arranging tools. You can set the photo(s) to cover the entire product, to leave a border, or to be centered on the project without any extra cropping. You can also unlock the layout here to manually design your collage (this feature is unavailable if a designed template is applied or you only have one image on the design).

To learn more about unlocking the layout, please check here.

To access our photo editing options, tap the photo you wish to edit and select from our image tools. 

Once you have completed your project, you will then select the green Review button. 

Clicking Review will take you to a page where you can review your project before adding it to the cart. This will show you exactly how your project will print. If changes need to be made, you can select the Make Changes button; otherwise, select Add to Cart to go to checkout.

When you click Add to Cart, you will be taken to the Order Summary page. This is where you can apply any voucher or promotional codes and proceed through the checkout process.

 To learn about uploading from a mobile device, click here

To learn how to design a photo book from a mobile device, click here.

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