To log in to an existing account click the   and then "Sign in" in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Sign in can be found under the  button on mobile devices.  

Next, enter the email and password you used to set up the account, click "Returning" and then "Login." 

You'll then be taken to the last project you were working on. You can either continue working on that project, or click "Projects" at the top of the page to access old projects or start new. 

If you're already working from an open project and you're not sure if you're logged in, click the button in the upper lefthand corner of the project screen. You will then be prompted to log in. If you're already logged in, you'll see "Account" under the menu, letting you know you're already signed in.

Forgot your password? Go here to reset it.  

New to Click "Sign up"and enter your email, password, and first name to start your account.

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