You don't have to use all of your uploads in your project. You can upload as many images to your account as you'd like, and then select the images to use on your project individually or all at once.

Uploaded images already on the open project will have a blue checkmark in the upload box:

  • Click on the image in your uploads to add or remove it from the project.
    • You can also delete the image from your project by clicking the image on your project and then clicking Delete in the toolbar that'll appear above or below the image.
  • Images will remain in your upload box to be used on any project until you delete them.
    • Note: Images cannot be deleted individually from the upload box -- only by album.
      • To delete an album of images, click the down arrow next to the album date and select Delete Album.
      • Images are sorted by date of upload. We cannot alter or create specific folders for uploads at this time.

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