On your mobile

For a lightweight job, you can take a digital picture of your physical image. Make sure it's in adequate lighting and the physical picture isn't in any physical frame for the best result. 

Scanning to your computer

If you have a scanner at home, you can scan them yourself. All scanners and computers are slightly different; we recommend doing a Google search for details on your scanner and system or consulting your scanners user's guide if you need assistance. 

  • Many scanners will default to PDF files when scanning; be sure to check that the file format is set to scan in as either JPEG (JPG) or PNG. 
    • We recommend JPEG.
    • We also suggest scanning at the highest quality setting possible without letting the file size surpass 10 MB or the image resolution surpass 8000 pixels by 8000 pixels.
  • Public libraries often have scanners, and a library worker may be able to help with scanning your photos if needed.

Professionally digitized

Walgreens and Costco offer cost-effective services to scan physical photos, while more specialized companies may provide a higher quality end product at a bit more cost.  

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