To begin uploading images, first click Photos to the left of your project if using a computer or at the bottom of your project if using a mobile device (the uploader will pop up automatically for photo books and calendar projects).

Then click Upload Photos to open your file finder and access your images. 

NOTE: only accepts images in jpg, png, or unanimated gif format under 10MBs and less than 22,000x22,000 in resolution. PDFs or other file types must be converted before uploading. 

For apple computers, your images will be located in the Media section of your file finder. iPhoto images that are in HEIC format can be converted to jpg or png format by simply saving the images from your Photos app to the desktop. 

Select your images and then click Open to begin the upload.

  • The uploader will only allow you to select the correct file types (jpeg, png, or unanimated gif).
  • The only requirement is that you know the location of your photos on your computer to find them easily. It can be difficult to use this method when your photos are organized by a program that moves them to hard-to-access folders.
    • If you cannot find the photos on your computer, move them to your desktop first and select them from there in the file finder.
  • To select more than one image at a time, hold the control key while clicking on a Windows computer and hold the command key while clicking on Apple OS.

NOTE: On photo book and calendar projects, the uploader will pop up upon project creation to begin uploading. Then, it'll always be located under the Add Photos button. 


Common mistakes

  • Uploading too many images at once
    • Limit the number of images you upload at once as to not overload the web page and freeze the page.
    • Batches of 5 images or less work best.