To begin uploading images from your Dropbox, click Photos to the left of your Collage project (the uploader will pop up automatically for photo books and calendar projects).

Then click Upload Photos to open your file finder and access your images.  

NOTE: Collage only accepts image in jpg or png format under 10MB. PDFs or other file types must be converted before uploading. 

Your Dropbox will be located in the file options to the left of the finder. Select the photos you wish to upload and click Open to add them to the project.

If you cannot locate your photos there, you can first save the images to your desktop and then upload them to Collage from your desktop. 

Dropbox on your Computer

To do so, open your Dropbox on your computer and drag the photo you want from your dropbox to your desktop.

You can then upload them from your desktop to Collage. 

From the Dropbox website

To download the images from the Dropbox website, login at and select the photos you want and click Download.

This will download a zip file of those images to your computer. Double-click that zip file to expand it to a folder. Then upload the images from that folder to Collage as described in the beginning of the article. 

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