Cover All, Custom Crop, and Bordered

Under the Photo Fit section to the left of your project, you'll find the Design Fit section which allows you to either leave a border around your design or stretch your image to cover the entire product.

For single image designs, the fit options are located under the Designs section. We'll look at each fit type below in that mode. 

Cover All 

Cover All means that your photo(s) covers the bleed area exactly, so the entire product is covered with no borders. Your photos will be cropped only by the product edge.

To ensure full coverage in this mode, part of the photos will be placed outside what we call the safety zone. Anything outside the safety zone may or may not be cut from the design. Anything within the safety zone is safe and will be printed on the product.

When working in this mode, make sure any part of the image you want to be printed on the design is within the blue line. 


  • Cover All is not available for designs with designed templates.
  • If designing in free form mode, images must be stretched to cover the entire area outside of the safety zone to ensure a full bleed print. 

Custom Crop

If you don't want any part of your images cut off, Custom Crop is your best bet.  Custom Crop means that your photo(s) are not cropped by the layout, and there may be an uneven border around your photos.


Bordered means that your photo(s) covers the content area (inside the safety zone) and has an even border around the design. This mode is only available when there are fewer than 10 photos on the page.

The borders will print relative to the sizing shown in your project. If you don't want a white border, select a color option from the Background section to the left of the project.

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