All the tools for photo arrangement can be found in the Designs and Photo Fit sections to the left of the project (below on mobile devices).


The Designs tab offers many templates based on different themes and occasions. We also have some plain layout designs if you'd prefer to design it yourself. 

Photo Fit

The tools under the Photo Fit section allow you to further customize your design by changing the orientation, adding or removing borders, and unlocking the photos to design manually. 

Note: Some of these options are not available when you have a designed template applied or only 1 photo on your design. Since layout customization is limited in those cases, all available options are under the Designs tab. 

Learn more about Templates.

Free Form Mode

If the smart layout is restricting the design you have in mind, clicking the Unlock Layout button under Photo Fit for multi image designs and clicking Manually Placed Photo under Designs for single image designs will turn it off. In this mode, you can manually size and arrange your photos. This option is not available with designs using a designed template. 

Learn more about Free Form Mode.

Edge Fit

Clicking Custom Crop will center your photo without cropping it; there will be a border around your photo. Clicking on Bordered will create an even border around your photos, cropping the photo to best fit. Clicking Cover All will overstretch your photos to the edge of the project, removing the outer border. To learn more, please check here

When working on a canvas, the Edge Fit option changes to Edge Options. Choose from the edge options there to find the look that works best for you (note: anything outside the blue line will print on the sides of your canvas. 

Learn more about canvas layouts


Click between the two options to decide which orientation you desire. 


Clicking  at the top of the project will shuffle all the photos to a random arrangement within the designed template or layout chosen.

Click and Drag

You can also arrange your photos by clicking and dragging the photos on the project to where you'd like them to be. The other photos will shift to accommodate the movement (unless you're working in free form mode).

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