Collage offers floating text, top title, bottom title, and a collage block text option for book pages. 

To add text to a page, you first must zoom into the single-page view by clicking the on the page you wish to add text to.

On this single-page view, the toolbar will appear (to the left of the project on desktop; beneath the project on a mobile device).  Here, you'll click on Text:

Once you select the desired text feature, you can make further customizations (font, text color, background, etc.).  

To learn more about adding and editing text, please check here

Text on Pages with Templates Applied

Collage also offers template options that include text.  Here, you can simply edit the placeholder text to complete your design.  

Click on the text box, then click Edit to replace the text with your own custom message.  You can also change the font, color, and size to create your perfect design.  

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