Collage offers customizable backing on some of our products: blankets (excluding woven and Sherpa), pillows, cards, and Scalloped and rectangle metal ornaments, ceramic ornaments, and glitter ornaments only

Adding a back to pillows and blankets is an additional fee: $10 for pillows and between $15 and $60 for blankets depending on size. 

For items with a customizable back, there is a toggle below the project to switch from front to back view. 

Once in the back view, you can access the same design tools as the front. Note: if you're mirroring your design on the front on the back, you'll no longer be able to toggle the back and front since they'll now be the same. The back charge still applies. 

To see the front and back of the product together, add the project to your cart, then click View or Share

This will open a new tab showing the front and back design side-by-side.

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