To redeem your code after you've designed your Collage project and are ready to checkout, click the green Review or Add to Cart button to open the cart page.

  • Enter any discount, coupon, or voucher codes by clicking Edit Code and entering your code in the Voucher/Coupon Code box. Then click Apply Code.
    • Your discount will then be reflected in the Cart Total. 

If your code doesn't work:

If you receive this error, check to see if your coupon is already listed by "Code: " If it is, you're all set to check out; if it's not, click Clear All Codes and enter the deal code again.

If you receive this error, there may be a typo in your deal code. Please double-check the code, making sure there are no spaces before or after the code in the redeem space, and try again.  Collage codes are not case sensitive.  

If you receive this error, the deal code has already been used. If you feel this is an error, please contact our friendly customer satisfaction team for assistance. 

If you receive this error, your deal code has expired. Please contact the customer satisfaction team for an extension.

If you receive this error, the codes you're using cannot be combined. Click Clear All Codes to clear the conflicting code from your cart and reenter your deal code, or save the second deal code to use on a future order.

If you receive this error, that means a better discount is already being applied. You can save the voucher you're trying to use for a future order. 

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