Yes, depending on where your order is delivered. 

As of 4/1/2020, charges sales tax in all states that have a sales tax including Washington D.C, except for:

  • Florida

  • Louisiana

  • Mississippi

  • Puerto Rico and any outlying U.S. territories

International taxes: some international shipments will have duties and tax charges due at the time of delivery. These charges vary by delivery location and product ordered. 

Why do I have to pay sales tax on my order? is required to follow state tax laws in states where the company has a physical presence, which requires us to collect sales taxes on your order.

Why didn’t I have to pay sales tax on my previous orders at

As our company has grown, we’ve had to start collecting sales taxes in states where we now have a physical presence. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes but are required to comply with all state tax laws.

How do we charge sales tax for vouchers?

Sales tax is not charged on the purchase of gift or deal vouchers. Instead, it’s charged at the time the voucher is redeemed, as required by state tax laws.

Why am I being taxed on more than I paid for my voucher?

In the states below, we must charge tax on the face value paid for a voucher prior to any discount at the time when the voucher is redeemed:

  • Georgia

  • Kansas

  • Nebraska

  • Ohio

How do we charge sales tax for product (non-voucher) orders?

When someone makes a physical product order that does not use a voucher, we apply sales tax to the purchase subtotal, including shipping, after any discounts are applied.

Why am I being charged sales tax for shipping charges when my state doesn’t have tax for shipping charges?

We have to charge tax on shipping in some states (e.g., California) that normally don’t tax shipping because shipping is only tax-free in those states if it is listed separately at checkout without including a handling charge. Because’s shipping prices include a handling charge, the whole amount is taxable.

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