To get your Collage order to you as quickly as possible, orders are confirmed for printing 30 minutes after they're submitted.

  • Orders cannot be altered or canceled once they've passed that 30-minute mark and are in production.

To see if your order is still changeable, sign in to your Collage account or create an account under the email you used at checkout and click Your Orders.

You will then see your order list

Image title

If your order status is Ordered but not yet Printing, you will see the button:Image title.

Click that to cancel, make your changes, and then submit a new order. Your order will be refunded in full if you choose to cancel it. 

Depending on your bank or credit card processor, refunds may take up to 10 business days to reflect back in your account.

If the status is in Printing or Shipped, the order cannot be altered or canceled.  

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