Collage offers a lot of great deals, but some restrictions apply. 

Coupon, gift card, percentage off restrictions

  • Any code valid for a certain percentage off can only be used toward regular priced print products. 
  • These codes cannot be used with other deals. 
  • These codes cannot be used to purchase deal vouchers.
  • These offers do not cover shipping and cannot be used toward the shipping cost unless the sale specifically covers shipping.

Replacement Vouchers

  • Any code given to replace a product, correct a problem, or provide an additional discount cannot be used with any other deal or discount (this includes codes that begin with MR). 

Purchased Vouchers restrictions 

Collage sometimes offers buyable deals on Collage, GMA, and The View. 

Each deal comes with its own terms and conditions. 

  • Collage lists these restrictions at the bottom of every deal page under the Terms and Conditions section
  • GMA and The View list restrictions on the deal pages and in the order confirmation email. 

No matter where you purchased your deal, all your Collage orders are covered under our Just Right Guarantee.  

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