We do our best to accurately predict arrivals, but some delays can occur. 

If your tracking has stalled or is delayed, please contact the shipper directly for more information and give it at least two weeks before contacting our support team for help with a delayed order. Unfortunately, we do not get more information about tracking than you receive via the tracking link we provide in your shipping confirmation email. 

Having trouble locating tracking? There are a couple of ways to find tracking information for your Collage order.


You'll receive a shipping notification via email when your order ships. If your order is trackable, we'll provide the tracking number in that email (we cannot track international orders; no tracking will be provided in those cases). 

Who is shipping your order? Carriers vary by product. You can easily identify the initial shipper by looking at the tracking number in most cases. 

  • Tracking numbers beginning with 80 are shipping via UPS Mail Innovations. 
  • Tracking numbers beginning with 1Z are shipping via UPS.
  • Tracking numbers beginning with 3 or 4 are shipping via FedEx.
  • Tracking numbers beginning with 9 are shipping via USPS or UPS Mail Innovations.
  • Tracking numbers beginning with D are shipping via OnTrac.  

Clicking the tracking number in your shipping email will take you to the carrier's tracking page.

If you selected our lowest tier shipping, generally your order will initially ship via Mail Innovations, UPS, or FedEx before being transferred to your local post office for delivery. This transfer can take up to two weeks without any update on your tracking before the post office begins local delivery. 

You can track the USPS leg of your package's journey by finding the USPS tracking associated with the UPS/FedEx or Mail Innovations tracking and then taking that 92 number to USPS's website. 


If you're concerned with the status of your order that's in transit, please contact the shipper directly for more information. Once the package is with the post office, you'd contact them about any delays.

If you expedited shipping, your order will be delivered by UPS or FedEx. You can discern which from looking at the tracking information. 

Online Account

To access your tracking from your Collage account, click the button at the top right corner of your screen that looks like this to log in:  

After you are signed in, click that button again > Your Orders.  This will open your order history and tracking information.

Any applicable tracking information will be in the Tracking section.


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