Hardcover and Softcover books:

  • Printed on 100# gloss text paper
  • Semi-Gloss finish 
  • Archival-quality paper 

Softcover books are flexible with a glossy cover and semi-gloss pages. 

Hardcover books are sturdy with a glossy or matte cover and semi-gloss pages.

Layflat books have a glossy cover and are printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Album HD Paper which is a glossy photographic paper. The thickness of the pages is 170 microns.  


How is it bound - glue or stitch?

Glue, not stitched.

What is the maximum number of pages in each book?

Softcover/Hardcover: 150 pages
Layflat: 70 pages

What is the difference between layflat and hardcover books?

Layflat books lay flat, so the book can be opened all the way with pages laying flat. They also offer thick and glossier pages. They only hold 70 pages maximum.

Hardcover pages are thinner with a semi-gloss finish and do not lay flat when opened. They hold 150 pages maximum.

How much do extra pages cost? 

There is an extra cost to add additional pages over 20. It is $1.00 per page in the 8x8" and 11.5 x 8.5" Hardcover and all Softcover books. It is $1.50 per page for the 12×12" and 14×10.5" Hardcover sizes. It is $2.00 per each page for the Layflat Books.

What pages face each other in the book?

When opening your photo book you will find the inside cover on the left-hand side and page 1 on the right-hand side. It then follows with pages 2 and 3 opposite of each other. 

Do you allow writing on the back cover or the spine of the books?

We do not offer that as an option at this time.