When beginning a new photo book or calendar project, the upload box will pop up automatically, but you can also access the uploader at any time by clicking .

This will open the different ways to upload photos to our site or allow you to access older uploads.

Click "Upload Photos" to begin uploading. This will open the saved files on your computer and you can then select the photos that you want to upload.

Once your images are uploaded, you must select them so they have a blue checkmark , and then click the x in the upper-right hand corner to add them to the book or calendar design.

You can remove unwanted photos by clicking the photo on the project and clicking the trashcan icon. 

  • To learn more about our uploading options, please check here.

Once your images are uploaded, you can design your pages in two ways.

1) Autoplace

Autoplace will automatically place the photos onto your pages in multi-photo or single-photo layouts. The photos will be added in sequential order as uploaded rather than randomly. New pages will automatically be generated depending on the number of photos if Single Photo Layouts is selected on books only.

2) Manually Placing

Selecting Manually Place Photos instead of the autoplace options lets you design each page on your own. To do so, click into the page you want to design and select the photos you want on that page. 

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