One text option offers is a movable text box called a collage block. 

Collage blocks are text blocks that are placed inside your photo design and can be positioned anywhere within your design like a photo. You can click and drag the text box just like the photos to rearrange (the text option can be found under Text below the project on mobile devices).

You can customize the font, size, and color of each floating text in the text editor. 

Clicking "Add Text" adds the new text block to your design.

  • Click and drag the new collage block around to rearrange.
  • You can add more than one collage block to a project page (only 1 title can be used).
  • To edit the text, click it, then click the that'll appear below the project.
  • To put the text on top of your photos instead of in the design, click pop out (this will shuffle the photos).
  • To delete a collage block, click it, then click the  that'll appear below the project once the text is selected.

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