If you've bought a View deal and don't know how to start your design, we're happy to help. 

Once you purchase your deal from the View, you'll get two emails - one containing your voucher and a Click Here to Get Started button.

Your View discount code will start with VIEW and you can also enter it at https://www.collage.com/redeem-the-view to start your project. 

Starting a Project

Once you enter your code and are taken to the project builder, you can begin uploading photos by clicking Photos to the left of the project.

You can upload your images directly from your computer or mobile device.

To learn more about uploading, click here.

After the images are uploaded, they'll be added to your project automatically (on mobile devices, you'll have to select the images and then click "Done" to add).

Making It Yours

We offer a variety of ways to customize your project. Once all the images are on your project, click Designs to the left to select different design options:

Our designed templates are populated based on the amount of photos you add or you can select a theme from the options at the top.

Layouts are broken up based on the number of photos added. If you have more images than layout slots, the design will fit multiple images in one slot. You can click and drag the images around the design to change the arrangement/position in the photo slots. 

Design Features

Our design options are located to the left of the project. 

Clicking Photos will allow you to add more photos.

Clicking Background will bring up our background options to add color around your photos.

 Click Text to access our text tools.

To learn more about our text options, please check here.

 Clicking Photo Fit will bring up more arrangement options. These options will vary depending on whether you have a template applied or not. This option is not available for single image designs.

To learn more about our layout tools, please check here.

To learn more about our templates, please check here. 

To learn more about free form mode, please check here

To learn more about editing photos, please check here

Once you have a design you're happy with, you're ready to order. 


If you'd like to order your finished design, add the item to your cart by clicking  and following the prompts.

  • You can enter any gift or deal vouchers on the cart page and follow the prompts to submit your order.

For a more in-depth tutorial on redeeming deal codes, click here.

For a more in-depth tutorial of the checkout process, click here.