Have a design you love and want to use it on a new project? You can easily make a copy of your project right in your account. The copy function is perfect if you want to order the same design on the same product with some small variations. 

To make a copy, log into your Collage account and go to your Projects section

Click the arrow next to the Open Project Button and click Duplicate Project

You'll then have an exact match of your original project that you can change as desired once you open the project. 

Notice that the duplicate of your project shares the same name as the original with (copy) behind it, letting you know which is which. You can personalize this name by clicking Rename and entering a desired title. This title won't print on your project in any way; this feature is just there to help you better organize your projects! 

Once you've entered the new name, click Done for it to save and now your project markers are as personalized as your designs!